Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8 Weeks!

Hello again! Well, I am now 8 weeks along (2 months down, 8 to go!)  Mini Coop is now the size of a raspberry! We're doing good but still VERY tired. I haven't had any unusual cravings yet but I CANNOT eat canned peaches! Oh my goodness those did not settle well the other day! I go back to the doctor on September 6th for my 10 week check-up. I think all they do on this one is listen to the baby's heartbeat. I'm starting to get a little baby pooch. I would not call it a bump by any means but I can see it growing! Here is a picture of my first ultrasound. It's pretty blurry and you can't see much but mini coop is in there!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

We're Pregnant!

I'm going to be a mommy! We couldn't be more thrilled! I have so many family and friends that I decided to create a blog to keep everyone updated on Mini Cooper (that's its name for right now)! Well to give everyone a little history Jordan and I will celebrate our 4th anniversary this month (the 25th) and couldn't imagine a better gift! We are finally settled in to our new dream home with plenty of space to start a family and both of our careers are doing great as well. We are so blessed and so thankful! We decided to start trying about 5 months ago. No luck each month. I was starting to get discouraged! Luckily I had my yearly appointment with my gyno and was talking to him about starting our family. Long story short I was timing my ovulation wrong! ( sorry this might be TMI for some :)) That was on June 15th and July 25th I found out I was pregnant! They really do know what they're talking about! haha Well, we went to New Orleans the weekend of July 22nd. I felt fine until lunch on Saturday..... We sat down and I took a few sips of sweet tea and oh boy did my body not like that. I ran to the bathroom and got sick :( ugh. Hummm, I thought, could I really be pregnant? I went back to the hotel and took a test,negative. So I went on with my vacation and didn't think anything else of it. We got back home on Sunday and Monday I knew something was up. I hadn't had any of my usual "monthly" symptoms. I was talking to momma on the phone and she made me go get a test at walgreens. I went home,took it, and what did I see...

Well that wasn't enough so I had to take one more.....

Ok, so I guess I'm pregnant! Yay!
I called the doctor and went and got a blood test just to be sure and of course, it was positive :)
I had my first OB appointment on Monday 8/8/11. I had a consultation with the doctor first. He answered all my crazy questions.lol. I then went and got my lab work done. If you know me you know how bad I hated that! Then, the best part. I got my first ultrasound! We got to see Mini Cooper for the first time and his/her sweet little heart beat :) It was very surreal seeing the heartbeat. Everything looks great! I'm six weeks and Mini Cooper will be here April 3rd! We're so excited and just ask that you keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby. See you next time!